Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zero Install: Run windows program 

without install

Zero Install is a fantastic concept of running software without installing especially when you can take the apps in your USB flash drive. It also checks for the updates automatically whenever you run software and receive the latest software versions automatically without any reinstall or restart. The apps also don’t need administrative privileges to run as they are run in a separate virtual environment.

To started using Zero Install in Windows, you can either install Zero Install or run a portable version of the software. At first run, you will see a list of software applications which you can run without installing.

Just search for an app in the “Catalog” - click Run

If you like an app add it to “My applications” - click Add 

App to put it in the start menu or on the desktop - click desktop

The benefit of these apps over portable apps is that these apps always remain updated. Zero Install can run software without installing it.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great post, my favorite software is zero install, it can reduce much space in OS partition...
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