Thursday, December 27, 2012


The link of the tool that is used in Firefox against ClickJacking, you need to install No Script. This free, open source add-on will only allow JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed by sites you trust; all scripting is blocked by default. When you visit any website you will find the option on the down side.

Fig 1: Options add-on

You have multiple option to choose from either stop some script to run and allow some script to run, beside it you can allow the entire website to run as well as you can stop to complete website or simply block it. What you do for trusted website click it on option and allow you trusted website, but when you are visiting about an tentative website so be careful and allow NoScript to do the job.

Fig 2: Enable iframe

There are so many options beside it like tracking site and ad host etc. Clickjacking you needed to enable the Forbid <IFRAME> and possibly apply these restrictions to trust sites as well NoScript options.

Fig 3: Clickjacking blocking alert

When you are enabling the Forbid <IFRAME> it will block the clickjacking IFRAME.


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